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    About SIAA

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    Which are the main duties of SIAA?

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    Aviation safety recommendations

Notification on the renaming of the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center

Considering the Government Ordinance no. 17 of 29 August 2018, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 755 of 31 August 2018, we notify you that the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Authority (CIAS) has been renamed as the CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS AUTHORITY (SIAA).

Information on the investigation activities

The Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center – CIAS is the technical body specialized in carrying out investigations on civil aviation safety. CIAS was founded in 2010, according to Low no. 55/2010, as a public institution with legal personality, subordinated to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, through the reorganization of the Air Transport Investigation Service.

CIAS is assigned to organize, lead, coordinate, control and carry out the investigation on civil aviation occurrences, in order to determine the facts, causes and circumstances that led to their occurrence and to issue recommendations for civil aviation safety according to the provisions of the EU Regulation 996 and of art. 2 align. (2) of the Governmental Ordinance no. 51/1999, approved with amendments and completions by Law no. 794/2001.

In the case of a civil aviation occurrence, it is designated an investigator-in-charge, responsible for the coordination of the investigation. His mission is to lead the investigation activities, starting with the notification of the occurrence and finishing with the elaboration of the final report. Depending on the circumstances of the occurrence, the investigator-in-charge may also appeal to other investigators or experts, with the aim of organizing work groups.

When the occurrence takes place abroad and it involves Romania, according to the provisions of Annex 13 of the International Civil Aviation Convention on the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents, the State on whose territory the occurrence took place must notify the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center (CIAS), so that an investigator, having the role of accredited representative, to be nominated. He is the official correspondent of the investigator-in-charge from the State on which the occurrence took place.

According to the low, the investigation activities are subject to professional secrecy, taking into account that during the investigation it is operated with certain confidential or invalidated information, which are essential for the progress of the investigation and that cannot be made public during the investigation.

Given that the airplane is a means of transportation, the investigation on safety, in case of an aviation accident is a complex process, even when the flight recorders are available, because – taking into consideration the high safety level that is reached in the advanced countries, in terms of the public transportation system – an accident necessarily results from a chain of causes. Thus, all the possible factors that competed in the accident must be taken into account: weather, preparation for flight, air traffic control, aircraft status, pilots’ qualifications, air company organization etc., all these documenting activities needing considerable efforts from all the persons involved in the investigation process.

A complex investigation may take in average even two years, rarely less, and sometimes even more. As long as the investigation process is not completed, CIAS will not speculate on any possible scenarios of the occurrences that do not confer an understanding of its causes and, thus, do not contribute to safety improvement, but - on the contrary - they can further disturb the families of the victims and the public opinion.

In its activity, CIAS is independent in relation to any legal structure, regulation or aeronautical safety authority, air operator, civil aeronautical agent, as well as in relation to any part of which interests may enter in conflict with the tasks assigned.

CIAS carries out investigations on civil aviation safety, independently of any other inquiry or investigations and it has no attributions in establishing responsibilities or legal liability.

Studies and analysis

The Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Authority elaborates specialized studies, specific analysis and newsletters on civil aviation safety.

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Investigation reports

SIAA runs investigations of civil aviation occurrences, with the purpose to determining the facts, causes and circumstanes that led to their production.

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Safety recommendations

The Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Authority issues flight safety recommendation, based on studies or analysis of a series of investigations.

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